Aldgate House London, E.1

Aldgate House London, E.1

The Aldgate House overprint belongs to four paper manufacturing companies who all occupied the Aldgate House office building in London E. C.1 : Wiggins, Teape & Alex. Pirie Ltd., F. Keay & Co. Ltd., Portals Ltd. and Allied Paper Merchants Ltd.

Wiggins, Teape & Alex. Pirie Ltd. was one of the oldest paper manufacturing companies in Britain. The origins of the company go back to 1761 when Henry Teape established a printing comopany in Tower Hill, London. Edward Wiggins became partner in 1828. In 1922 the company merged with another well established paper maker called Alex Pirie and the company established hew headquarters at Aldgate House. By 1956 the business was producing 150,000 tons of paper annually. Following further mergers the company is known today as ArjoWiggins.

Portals traces its origins to 1712 when Henry Portal began making stationery paper at a mill in Whitchurch, Hampshire. In 1855 Portals made the paper for the first Bank of England note containing a shaded watermark. In 1880 Portals supplied paper for the first UK Postal Orders, and five years later began making paper for the Bank of Scotland. By 1929 Portals was making paper for 41 banknote issues around the world. In 1995 Portals was acquired by De La Rue in a deal worth £682 million.

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