Alexander Findlater & Co. / Findlater, Mackie & Co. Limited

Alexander Findlater & Co. / Findlater, Mackie & Co. Limited

In 1823 a Scotsman named Alexander Findlater established a company in Dublin as a whisky merchant. Findlater initially traded as The Irish & Scotch Whisky Stores then soon after as Alexander Findlater & Co.

The business grew with outlets established around Dublin, and broadened its range to include teas and wines and even exported Porter to Quebec, New York and Brazil.

In 1838 Findlater ventured into the large and lucrative English wine market. With partner Ivie Mackie he set up Findlater & Mackie in Manchester, and Findlater, Mackie & Co. in the Strand, London.

In 1856, realising that London could sustain more than one outlet, Findlater established another wine merchants titled Findlater Mackie Todd & Co. with premises in Tooley Street until 1863 and then under the railway viaducts at London Bridge, known as Findlaters’ Corner. It was said that this position was probably passed or seen by more persons every day than any other spot in London.

Alexander Findlater died in 1873 aged 76. He remained a bachelor all his life and after his death his business partners bought up his various enterprises. Findlater, Mackie & Co. was eventually acquired by Fremlins Ltd. in 1934 and in 1967 Findlater Mackie Todd & Co. was sold by the Todd family to Bulmer & Co. Ltd.