Askeys Limited

Askeys Limited

Askeys Limited is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of ice cream cones, wafers and other ice cream accompaniments.

The ice cream cone was first introduced in 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair in the United States. In 1910 an Italian immigrant called Laurens Tedeschi set up a family business in Kensal Road, London, thereby introducing the ice cream cone to the UK for the very first time. Tedeschi changed his surname to Askeys and his firm took on the new name.

Askeys Ltd. moved to Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the 1960s.

The business was sold to Kellogg’s in the 1970s. Under their ownership, Askeys was used solely as a manufacturing site, with all marketing, sales and distribution being run from Kellogg’s UK head office in Manchester. During this period the Aylesbury factory concentrated on the mass production of a limited range of standard cones and wafers. These were mostly sold to ice cream parlours and kiosks, ice cream vans and other outside caterers.

Through the 1980s, the market was changing and sales through supermarkets became more important. By the 1990s the vast majority of Askeys products were sold via the major national supermarkets. Although most of these sales were still under the Askeys brand, some products were provided under supermarket own labels, and Askeys retained its position as the largest British manufacturer of ice cream accompaniments, producing literally millions of wafers and cones every year.

Very little effort was put into developing new products. This changed in 1995 when Askeys was acquired from Kellogg’s in a management buy-in led by two experienced food industry executives. Over the next decade the new owners intoduced new products such as the waffle cone, a range of toppings, fans, curls and dessert baskets.

In 2004 Askeys was acquired by the Silver Spoon Co., Britain’s largest sugar and sweetener producer.