The Beeston Boiler Co. Ltd.

The Beeston Boiler Co. Ltd.

The origins of the company go back to 1841 when Foster & Pearson Ltd. was established in Beeston, near Nottingham. The firm was a partnership between the Pearson family, a long-established company of nurserymen from Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, and Richard Foster, a joiner from Beeston. Foster & Pearson would go on to become one of the leading glasshouse manufacturers in Britain.

In 1888 Foster & Pearson Ltd. set up a subsidiary company called the Beeston Foundry Co. in order to manufacture cast-iron boilers for heating glasshouses. In 1897 another factory was opened south of Beeston village which was named the Robin Hood Boiler and Radiator Works and the company commenced the manufacture of boilers for commercial and residential use. The firm’s range included the famous Robin Hood boiler, so called because of the proximity of Sherwood Forest.

In 1923 the company’s title was changed to the Beeston Boiler Co. and it was incorporated as a limited company in 1943.

By 1961 the company’s Beeston premises spanned over 20 acres and the workforce totalled 850 people. At this time the company was making cast-iron boilers, greenhouse and garage boilers, hot water pipes and cast iron valves.

The Beeston Boiler Co. Ltd. ceased trading in 1980 after going into receivership, supposedly after the business invested heavily in new technology that proved to be both costly and problematic.