Bentley & Shaw Ltd.

Bentley & Shaw Ltd.

Timothy Bentley was already an established brewer in Yorkshire when he set up the Lockwood Brewery in Huddersfield in 1795, attracted to the location by the common water source the Horse Bank Spring. Bentley is credited with the invention of the Stone Square system of brewing beer. This method allowed high levels of carbon dioxide to remain in the beer during fermentation, helping to give it a unique flavour and smoothness when served. The stone used in the Lockwood Brewery came from the quarries in Elland, West Yorkshire.

In c.1841 Timothy Bentley’s grandson, Bentley Shaw, partnered by his cousins Henry Bentley and John Robert Bentley, took control of the brewing company which became styled Bentley & Shaw.

The brewery produced ales, porter and stouts and imported wines and spirits from Europe. By this time the brewery had expanded greatly, covering some 70 acres and even had its own fire brigade and gasworks. The company was so successful that by 1869 it began to consume a large proportion of the spring water, much to the annoyance of the local residents.

Bentley & Shaw was incorporated as a limited company in 1891. The brewery was taken over by Hammonds United Brewers in 1944. Brewing at Lockwood continued until 1963 and the brewery was demolished in 1975.