Bevingtons & Sons

Bevingtons & Sons

Bevingtons & Sons were leather manufacturers at Neckinger Mills, Abbey Street in Bermondsey, London.

The origins of the company go back to the late 18th century when Samuel Bevington established a company in Gracechurch Street to import lamb and kid skins from Italy. In 1800 the company moved to Neckinger Mills, previously a paper factory. Samuel was joined in the business by his brothers Henry and Timothy who were in turn succeeded by their sons. The company produced and dealt in a wide range of leathers.

Bevingtons commenced the manufacture of gloves in 1848 and a little later had a rug leather department, a hat leather department and a coach and harness department. The company had a warehouse in Cannon Street and later one in St. Thomas’ Street.

Part of Bevingtons’ works were moved to Dartford, Kent in 1935. Neckinger Mills remained as head office but it became increasingly uneconomical to run and was sold in 1978 and the company relocated to Leicester.

Today, the company exists as Bevingtons’ Specialist Leathers, a division of Milton Leicester Ltd., supplying hand-selected leathers for organ builders, specialist garments, book-binding and orthopaedics.