Borwick & Sons

Borwick & Sons

In 1831 George Borwick married Jane Hudson, the sister of Robert Spear Hudson, the man who would introduce the first successful commercial soap powder. As a wedding gift, Hudson gave Borwick a formula for make baking powder. Borwick experimented with the formula for eleven years before establishing a company in London in 1842 to sell the product.

Borwick’s baking powder was soon in high demand as there were no other reliable raising agents available, and the product had a large role in revolutionising domestic cooking. Borwick also went on to introduce a successful egg powder. To meet growing demand Borwick & Co. established a factory at 24 Chiswell Street in Finsbury.

By 1870 George’s two sons, Robert Hudson Borwick and Joseph Cooksey Borwick, became partners in the firm which became styled George Borwick & Sons. In 1902 the business was incorporated as a limited company.

In 1955 Borwick & Sons was taken over by H. J. Green & Co. of Brighton. The business became part of Grand Metropolitan in 1989. As of 2016, Borwick’s baking powder has been manufactured and sold by Kerry Foods.