Brown Brothers Limited

Brown Brothers Limited

Brown Brothers Ltd. was a manufacturer and wholesaler of bicycles and cycle accessories, and later in its history, motorcycles and aircraft parts.

In 1889 Albert and Ernest Brown rented the company’s first premises at 7 Great Eastern Street, London and began dealing in bicycles, cycle parts and tools. In that same year, Dunlop patented and developed the pneumatic tyre. By 1890 practical tyres had replaced the solid tyres that had been used until then, and bicycles suddenly became hugely popular. The 1890s were the bicycle trade’s first boom years and Brown Brothers were in an ideal position to capitalise. In 1891 the premises at Great Eastern Street were expanded and in the following year the company opened a branch in Paris.

The beginning of the 20th century saw a slump in the bicycle market and Brown Brothers Ltd. diversified into the motorcycle and motor car business. Brown motorcycles were manufactured from 1902 until 1915.

After the First World War, all production of motorcycles had ceased and the company focused on motor accessories, aircraft parts and the popular Vindec bicycles.

Brown Brothers Ltd. continued until their centenary year 1989. Afterwards the company was divested to Partco and later sold on to Unipart.