Cheeswright and Cheeswright

Cheeswright and Cheeswright

Cheeswrights Notaries Public is one of the largest and oldest firms of Scrivener Notaries based in London.

Thomas Clark was a notary who founded a practice in 1779 and was later joined by Lewis Gilson. Clark and Gilson acted as notaries and as ship and insurance brokers at their City of London offices.

In 1838 Henry Cornfoot Cheeswright, Lewis Gilson’s nephew, joined the partnership. His son, Frederick Cheeswright later joined the firm which became styled Cheeswright and Cheeswright.

The company had offices in St. Dunstan’s Buildings, Eastcheap, and the practice remained there until the buildings were destroyed by a direct hit in the Blitz in 1940. St. Dunstan’s Buildings were opposite the Custom House by Billingsgate Market where shipmasters reported on their vessels arrival at London. The Cheeswright partnership was the nearest and most convenient firm of notaries public for masters intending to enter protests in respect of their voyages, and thus the company’s connection with the London marine market grew.

The company became Cheeswright & Casey in 1931 and was titled Cheeswright, Murley & Co. by 1958. Since 1990 the company has been styled as simply Cheeswrights.