Christy & Co.

Christy & Co.

Christy & Co. is a hat manufacturing company which makes men’s and women’s hats as well as bespoke ranges for the military and for police forces.

The company was established by Miller Christy and his partner Joseph Storrs in 1773. The first hat shop was at 5 Whitehart Court in London, moving later to Gracechurch Street which remained the London address of the business until 1954.

The main hat factory was in Bermondsey, south-east London, until 1824 when a large part of the manufacturing operation was moved to Stockport. At its height, the Stockport factory alone employed 3,000 local people and was always managed by direct descendants of the company’s founder.

By 1843 Christy & Co. was the largest hat and cap manufacturer in the world. Today, Christy’s is based in Oxfordshire and has expanded its sales to over 44 countries, combining hand manufacturing with contemporary science to provide hats of the highest quality.