Company Overprints : H

Company Overprints : H

H B S & B  (Henry Barker, Smart & Brown Ltd.)

H & S B C  /Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

H. & H. Blacknell

H. B. S.  (Halifax Building Society)

H. Bannerman & Sons Ltd.

H. Brooks & Co.

H. C. & Co.  (Horace Clarkson & Co. Ltd.)

H. D. Rawlings

H. E. B.  D. A.  (North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board Dundee Area)

H. E. B.  S. C.  (North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board Stirling City)

H. Erhardt & Co

H. Faulder & Co. Ltd.

H. H. & S. Budgett & Co.

H. Holdron Ltd. Peckham S. E. 15

H. J. Nicoll & Co.

H. J. Searle & Son Ld.

H. Millward & Sons

H. P. & Co.  (Heseltine Powell & Co.)

H. P. B. & Co. Ltd.  (H. P. Bulmer & Co. Ltd.)

H. Rossell & Co.

H. S. W. & Co. Ltd.  (H. S. Whiteside & Co. Ltd.)

H. W. & Co. Ltd.  (H. Woodley & Co. Ltd.)

H. W. Co. Ld.  (The Houndsditch Warehouse Co. Ltd.)

H. W. Trickett

H. Warner & Son Ltd.

H. Williamson Limited

Hall & Pickles Ltd.

Hallamshire Steel & File Co. Limited

Hambros Bank Limited

Hammond, Turners & Bate

Hancocks & Co.

Hankey, Bannister & Co.

Harmar, Pearson & Sons

Harrild & Sons

Harrods Limited / Harrod’s Stores Limited

Harry Hall

Harvey, Bradfield & Toyer Ltd.

Harvey, Nichols & Co. Limited

Hawick Co-op Society Ltd.

Heal & Son

Hector Powe

Hedges and Butler

Heelas Ltd. Reading

Henry Sotheran & Co.

Herbert Ashman and Co.

Higgins Eagle & Co. / Higgins, Eagle & Hutchinson

Hine, Parker & Co. Ld.


Hirst Brothers

Hitchcock, Williams & Co.

Hobday Bros. Ld.

Hobson & Sons

Hodgkinsons, Clarke & Ward / Hodgkinsons, Stead & Treacher / Hodgkinsons, Treacher & Clarke

Hoffmann Chelmsford

Holland & Coombs

Holland & Sherry

Holmes, Terry & Co. Limited

Hooper & Compy.

Horace Cox

Horace Marshall & Son

Howse Mead & Sons

Hugh King

Hull Brewery Co., Ltd.

Hunter, Barr & Co. Limited

Huntley & Palmers

Hussey & Townsends

Hyam & Co.

Hythe Brewery