Company Overprints : M

Company Overprints : M

M & A.  (Margetts & Addenbrooke)

M & S / M. & S.  (Marshall & Snelgrove)

M A C / M. A. C.  (Metal Agencies Co. Ltd.)

M S & Co.  (Montagu Stanley & Co.)

M T O  (Morrell’s Trustees Oxford)

M W T Co.  (Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company)

M. & R. Peacock

M. A. Craven & Son

M. B. & R. Blankley

M. B. I. Ld.  (Mercantile Bank of India Limited)

M. D. & H. B.  (Mersey Docks & Harbour Board)

M. E. B. / Midlands Electricity Board

M. E. P. C.  (Metropolitan Estate & Property Corporation)

M. Huntbach & Co. Ltd.  Hanley

M. M. & Co.  (Mullens, Marshall & Co.)

M. R. Receipt  (Midland Railway Receipt)

M. Rose & Sons

M. W. B.  (Metropolitan Water Board)

Mac Iver

Macfarlane, Lang & Co. Ld.

Maconochie Foods Ltd.

Maidstone Gas Company

Manchester Assurance Company /Manchester Fire Assurance Company

Manchester Collieries Ltd.

Mann, Crossman and Paulin

Manufacturers Life

Maple & Co.

Mappin & Webb /Mappin Brothers

Martins Bank

Max Emanuel & Co.

McB. & Co. Ltd. / M’Birney & Co. Ld.

M’Corquodale & Co.

McIntyre Hogg & Co. / McIntyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. Ltd.

McVitie & Price Ltd.

Melles, Jones, Reid & Co. / Melles & Co. Ltd.

Meltis Ltd.

Merritt & Hatcher

Merseyside & N. Wales Electricity Board / MANWEB / MNWEB

Metal Sections

M’Grady and Christie

Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd.

Midland Bank Limited

Midland Counties Insurance Company

Miles Druce & Co.

Miller & Sons Ltd.

Millington & Hutton / Millington & Sons

Montague L. Meyer Ltd.

Moore, Taggart & Co.

Morewood & Co.

Morning Post Limited