Company Overprints : P and Q

Company Overprints : P and Q

P S N C  (Pacific Steam Navigation Company)

P. & O. / P. & O. S. N. Co. / P & O Orient Lines

P. & R. Fleming & Co.

P. & W. Maclellan Limited

P. B. & W. Ld.  (Peek Brothers & Winch Ltd.)

P. B. Cow & Co.

P. F. & Co. Ld./M. Ld./S. C. Ltd.  (Peek Frean, Meltis, Suchard Chocolate Ltd.)

P. G. & H. Ltd.  (Patrick, Grainger & Hutleys Ltd.)

P. Henderson & Co.

P. J. & Co  (Pinchin, Johnson & Co.)

P. J. & Co. Ltd. /  W. H. & C. Ltd.

P. P. C. C.  (Price’s Patent Candle Co. Ltd.)

P. Phipps & Co. Limited

P. S. Yapp / Peter Yapp

P. W. & A. Ltd.  (Parker, Winder & Achurch Ltd.)

P. W. C.  (Portsmouth Waterworks Company)


Palmeira Stores

Palmer & Co.

Palmer, Howe & Co.

Paul Walser & Co. Ltd.

Pauldens Ltd.

Pawson & Company /Pawsons & Leafs Limited

Pearl Assurance Compy., Limited

Pearman & Corder Ltd.

Peek Bros. & Co.

Peek Frean & Co. Ltd.

Pelican and British Empire Life Office

Pellatt & Co.

Peter Robinson

Petty, Wood & Co. Ld.

Pfeil, Stedall and Son

Phillipps & Graves

Phoenix Assurance Co. Ld.

Pickfords Ltd.

Pilchers Limited

Pilot Assurance Co. Ltd.


Pitman & Deane Limited

Plaistowe & Co. Ld.

Platt Bros. & Co. Limited

Pocock Bros. Ltd.


Port of London Authority

Portsea Gas Co.

Portsmouth and Gosport Gas Co.

Portsmouth Gas Co.

Potter & Moore Limited

Premier Electric Heaters Limited

Premier Motor Policies Ltd.

Press Bros. Ltd.

Preston Bros. & Co.

Pride and Clarke Ltd.

Pritchard & Burton

Provident Mutual Life A. A.

Provincial Insurance Company

Prudential Assurance Company Limited

Pryce Jones

Pyne Bros.


Quin & Axtens