Congregational Insurance Co. Ltd.

Congregational Insurance Co. Ltd.

The Congregational & General Insurance plc is a leading provider of specialist insurance for churches and church owned properties in the UK. The company offers its products through intermediaries and brokers.

The company was founded as the Congregational Fire Insurance Co. by Reverend Samuel Antliff, Pastor of Ramsden Street Congregational Church in Huddersfield. In the company’s first year, 445 policies were issued insuring property for £ 906,000. In 1895 the company moved to Bradford, where it remains today.

The company’s name was changed to the Congregational Insurance Co. Ltd. in 1907.

A year later, the buildings of private homes and their contents were insured for the first time. In 1909 burglary insurance was undertaken.

During the First World War, the company transacted insurance on behalf of the Government against aircraft and bombardment.

In 1956 the Congregational Insurance Charitable Trust was formed. It disburses grants to churches, schools, colleges and community projects from payments made to it from the insurance company profits.

In 1972 the company became titled Congregational & General Insurance Co. Ltd. before becoming Congregational & General Insurance plc in 1981.