Cooke, Sons & Co. / Cooke, Sons & Law

Cooke, Sons & Co. / Cooke, Sons & Law

William Peabody Cooke moved from Kidderminster in Worcestershire to Heckmondwike in 1795 to start making rugs and carpets at a small mill. He built up a successful business which he divided in 1825 to create separate units for the making of Brussels and Kidderminster carpets.

William gave the controlling share of the Brussels business to his ambitious son, Samuel, who promptly moved the undertaking to an old mill in Millbridge, Liversedge. William Cooke continued to make the Kidderminster rugs and carpets at Heckmondswike.

Samuel Cooke, trading as Cooke, Sons & Co., in Liversedge, was so successful that by 1833 he was able to open a six-storey warehouse and sales office in London.

In 1872 a new partner was taken on and the firm was restyled Cooke, Sons & Law. The company remained in control of the Cooke family until 1938 when it was taken over by Blackwood Morton Limited of Kilmarnock to trade as BMK Carpets Limited. The Millbridge factory was closed down in 1979.