Cramer & Co. Limited

Cramer & Co. Limited

Cramer & Co. Ltd. was founded in London in 1824 by Johann Baptist Cramer, a pianist and composer originally from Mannheim in Germany, and his partners Robert Addison and Thomas Frederick Beale. The company had three fields of business : musical instrument manufacturing, music publishing and retail music selling.

J. B. Cramer left the business as early as 1838, but his name had attained such brand value by this time, that it was retained for over a hundred years.

The company had many changes of ownership in the 19th century, but the firm became more stable in the next century, being known as J. B. Cramer & Co., New Bond Street. The company’s main factory was at Lyme Street, Camden Town, where harmoniums were manufactured. In 1868 Cramers claimed to be the only manufacturers in England of the American organ.

In 1931 the firm acquired the piano maker and publisher Metzler & Co. of London.

In 1964 Cramer & Co. Ltd. was taken over by Kemble & Co., piano manufacturers, who, for a limited period of time continued to use the Cramer name. Today, Cramer pianos are made for delivery to the Far East, where the Cramer name continues to have a good reputation.