Crosfields Oil & Cake Co. Ltd.

Crosfields Oil & Cake Co. Ltd.

Crosfields Oil & Cake Co. was founded in 1815 when Joseph Crosfield started a soap and chemical manufacturing business at Bank Quay, Warrington.

By the mid-1830s Crosfields was producing around 900 tons of soap annually.

In 1909 the company acquired the rights to Persil soap powder and soon became successful selling it in the UK. The firm continued to thrive after Joseph Crosfields death in 1844, producing a variety of chemicals.

In 1911 the company was purchased by Brunner, Mond & Co., and in 1919 it was absorbed into Lever Brothers. From 1929 Crosfields was a subsidiary of Unilever. In 1997 its Warrington speciality chemicals division that made ingredients for detergents and toothpaste was acquired by ICI and in 2001, Ineos Capital purchased the company. The name Crosfields was finally lost as it was renamed Ineos Silicas.