Crosse & Blackwell Limited

Crosse & Blackwell Limited

Crosse & Blackwell is a well established British food brand dating back to 1706. The company started out as a maker of marmalade, jellies, chutney and pickles, later adding canned foods to its now famous range.

The company’s original name was West and Wyatt, until Edmund Crosse and Thomas Blackwell bought it in 1830. Edmund Crosse and Thomas Blackwell first met when they were apprenticed at the same family firm in 1819. They would remain friends their entire lives, even living and being buried near to each other. They shared an enthusiasm for their employer’s taste in pickles, sauces and condiments, which they prepared for wealthy and fashionable households in London. In the 1830 the two men joined forces and bought the business from their employer. They searched out recipes from the greatest chefs of the day and the firm received the first in an unbroken succession of royal appointments in 1837.

In 1840 Crosse & Blackwell acquired a building at 21 Soho Square, London. The firm retained this site until 1925.

In 1849 the company opened a plant in Cork, Ireland, to produce canned salmon (in cans, as opposed to bottled, which was an innovation.) A canning firm in Bermondsey was also acquired so that Crosse & Blackwell could make their own tins.

In 1922 Crosse & Blackwell started making what would become one of its most popular and famous products – Branston Pickle.

Nestle acquired Crosse & Blackwell in 1960, extending the product range into more food categories, and made the brand a global one. In 2004, Crosse & Blackwell became part of the JM Smucker Company of America.