Cussons Sons & Co. Ltd.

Cussons Sons & Co. Ltd.

Today Cussons Sons & Co. is PZ Cussons which is a major manufacturer of personal healthcare products, operating worldwide, especially in Africa and Commonwealth countries. Cussons’ main brand is the Imperial Leather range of soaps, bath and shower and cosmetic products.

The origins of the company can be traced to 1869 when Thomas Cussons opened a chemist shop in Ossett, West Yorkshire.

The subsequent growth of the business was the result of the work of Thomas’s son Alexander, who purchased a bleach mill at Kersal Vale, Salford in 1909, establishing the firm in manufacturing.

By 1917, Marks & Spencer penny bazaars began to stock Cussons products, and by 1918 the company had moved into the production of perfume. That was the beginning of a period of expansion : in 1920 Cussons established a soap factory in Kersal Vale, and in 1921 the company acquired Bayleys of Bond Street.

In 1946 Alexander made the business into a public company. In 1975 Cussons Sons & Co. Ltd. was acquired by Paterson Zochonis.

The Cussons commercial overprint is very unusual in that it incorporates the company logo in the overprint – see receipts below.