Dalton, Barton & Co. Limited

Dalton, Barton & Co. Limited

Dalton, Barton & Co. was a textile manufacturing company established by two ribbon weavers named Dalton and Barton, at Mason Road, Foleshill near Coventry in 1851.

The company produced silks, velvets, trimmings, cloths and carpets. Daltons also manufactured a material called moquette which was used for the upholstery in railway carriages and ships’ cabins. Dalton, Barton & Co. became a limited company in 1872.

After the First World War, Daltons began to specialise in the manufacturing of military uniform accoutrements such as medal ribbons, sergeants’ stripes and sashes and rank braid.

In 1962 Dalton, Barton & Co. Ltd. became the Wydean Weaving Company Ltd. and continued to specialise in uniform accoutrements.

The company’s current product range covers almost every item of textile uniform accoutement, worn by defence and police forces worldwide. Wydean Weaving Co. Ltd. has also provided uniform accoutrements for royalty (Prince Andrew and Princess Anne), and costumes for a number of Hollywood movie actors. One of the company’s more unusual products has been false eyebrows made for camels of the Jordan Army Cavalry, the purpose of which was to repel mosquitoes.