Duff Gordon & Co.

Duff Gordon & Co.

Duff Gordon & Co. was a company of wine merchants.

In 1768 Scotsman James Duff began a business shipping sherry from the Spanish port of Cadiz. Duff never married and in 1788 he took on his nephew William Gordon as a partner and inheritor and the firm was renamed Duff Gordon & Co. By the early 19th century business was booming and Duff Gordon wines were commanding high prices. Sherry continued to be the main product of the company, but Duff Gordon ports also had a good reputation.

James Duff died in 1815 and William Gordon took over control of the company until his own death in 1823. By this time, Duff Gordon wines had an enviable reputation and had many aristocratic customers including the Czar of Russia.

In 1833 William Gordon’s son, Cosmo Duff Gordon, was running the business in partnership with another wine merchant called Thomas Osbourne. Following the death of Cosmo in 1857, the Osbourne family took complete control of the business, although they continued to use all the Duff Gordon brand names. The best known of these were : Fino Feria, Amontillado El Cid, Santa Maria Cream, Oloroso No. 28, Pinta Pale Dry Coctail Sherry and Nina Medium Dry.

The Osbourne company continues to this day and is regarded as Spain’s most prestigious producer of wines and spirits.