Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd.

Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd.

Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd. was a seed merchant. The company’s origins go back to 1832 when S. Dunn opened a seed and corn store in Gillingham, Dorset, later being joined by his son James H. Dunn.

In 1871 James Dunn assumed sole control of the company and was later joined by his son Hammond. Still specialising in agricultural seeds, the firm moved to Bournemouth in 1890 and changed location again 1918 with a move to Salisbury.

Dunns Farm Seeds became a limited company in 1920. The business grew steadily until by 1934 Dunns Farm Seeds were available throughout southern England, the Midlands and Wales.

In addition to the development of a large grain business, garden seeds were not neglected, and their marketing commenced in 1929 using mainly small retail outlets.

In the 1940s Dunns continued to expand by acquiring a number of other seed companies. In 1957 a regional office and warehouse were opened in Shropshire, and in the same year Dunns Farm Seeds (Canada) Ltd. was formed in Ontario in association with two Canadian seed companies.

In 1966 Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd. was taken over by the Bath & Portland Group Ltd., and joined with Soil Fertility Ltd., of Corsham, Wiltshire to form Soil Fertility Dunns Ltd.