E. A. Gibson

E. A. Gibson

E. A. Gibson & Co. is a shipbroking company founded by Edward Aisbett Gibson in London in 1893.

The company quickly established itself in the London broking scene and was actively engaged in the short sea trades around Europe, in timber, coal, coal tar products and general cargo.

Gibson died in 1913 and business virtually ground to a halt. Reconstruction of the E. A. Gibson company came in the form of Bill Green who became managing director in 1916. His first achievement was to corner the creosole market. Green then built up oil business for the company, specialising in the handling of crude oil. In a very short time the company became recognised throughout Europe as the principal brokers for crude sales.

During the 1930s, Gibson’s tanker chartering operations were widened and the company expanded by opening offices in Paris and Morocco. After the Second World War, an aviation department was established.

In 1961 E. A. Gibson & Co. merged with dry cargo brokers Ferguson Wild to become E. A. Gibson Ferguson Wild. Today. Gibson’s shipbroking service is international with a leading presence in London and offices in Houston, Hong Kong and Singapore.