E. Lazenby & Son

E. Lazenby & Son

E. Lazenby & Son were sauce and pickle manufacturers in Bermondsey, south-east London.

The company was begun by Elizabeth Lazenby who started a small business from near her home near Portman Square, making a piquant sauce according to a recipe from her father Peter Harvey, which soon became very popular. Sold as Harvey’s Sauce it became a household name. The recipe was kept secret but is thought to have been made from anchovies, vinegar, wine, soy sauce, mushroom and walnut ketchups, garlic and cayenne pepper.

Business prospered and other products, such as pickles, were added to the range. By 1861 the company had established a factory in Trinity Street, Borough.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the sauce was rebranded and sold under the name of Lazenby’s Sauce. Walter Lazenby, one of Elizabeth’s descendents, was credited with the expansion of the company at home as well as increasing sales overseas. At the time of his death in 1910, the firm had 600 employees.

The company was acquired by Crosse & Blackwell in the 1920s.