East London Water Works Co.

East London Water Works Co.

The East London Water Works Co. was established in 1806 to supply water to the east london areas of Shoreditch, Dalston and West Ham.

The water supplied by the company was taken from the River Lea, with works on 30 acres of land at Old Ford. The company also acquired existing water works at Shadwell, Lea Bridge and West Ham.

In 1829 the source of water was moved further up river to Lea Bridge as a result of pollution caused by population growth.

In 1841 the company was supplying 37,000 homes. By 1903 this figure had risen to 224,000 homes.

In 1866 during a cholera pandemic outbreak, where almost 6,000 Londoners perished, the East London Water works Co. was found guilty of supplying contaminated water from the River Lea and stored in open reservoirs.

Following the Metropolis Water Act 1902, the East London Water Works Co. became part of the Metropolitan Water Board.