Ediswan (Edison & Swan Electric Light Company)

Ediswan (Edison & Swan Electric Light Company)

Ediswan was a brand name used by the Edison & Swan Electric Light Co., an English manufacturer of incandescent lamp bulbs and other electrical goods.

The company produced a wide range of vacuum tubes and cathode ray tubes under the names Ediswan or Mazda.The company was formed in 1883 following the merger of the Swan United Electric Company and the Edison Electric Light Company.

Joseph Swan had established the Swan United Electric Company in the early 1880s to market the incandescent lamp bulbs he had invented. In 1882 the British Edison Company of Thomas Edison sued Swan, claiming infringement of Edison’s U. S. patent of 1879; however the lawyers became aware that Swan would be able to demonstrate prior research and publication, and instead negotiated a merger with Swan’s company. The lamp bulbs manufactured by the company were almost entirely to Swan’s design.

The company had its offices at 155 Charing Cross Road, London, and factories in Brimsdown, Ponders End and Sunderland.

In 1928 the firm was acquired by Associated Electrical Industries. In 1956 a new cathode ray tube plant was opened in Sunderland.

The company was renamed Siemens Ediswan following the takeover of Siemens Brothers by A.E.I. in 1957. In 1964 A.E.I. merged its lamp and radio valve manufacturing interests with those of Thorn Electrical Industries to form British Lighting Industries Ltd.