G. A. Harvey & Co. Ltd.

G. A. Harvey & Co. Ltd.

G. A. Harvey & Co. Ltd. were manufacturers of metal products and office equipment, established in London in 1874.

The company soon moved into the area for which it would become best known – metal perforation. This began with the production of perforated zinc used for metal safes.

In 1894 the firm expanded with a new works at Iron Wharf in Greenwich, which was set up for galvanizing and tank making. In 1913 the Greenwich Metal Works was established in Woolwich Road and the company would remain there for the rest of its history.

In the 1930s G. A. Harvey manufactured fine wire cloth, all kinds of metal perforation, dustbins and products for industry such as pressure vessels and fractioning towers.

During the Second World War the company manufactured rocket bodies for anti- aircraft weapons, and by September 1940 over 1,000 had been made. The company later moved into the production of metal office equipment such as steel filing cabinets and storage racks.

In 1970 G. A. Harvey & Co. Ltd. merged with W. P. Butterfield to become Butterfield-Harvey plc. In 1985 the business was acquired by American company, Technology Inc.