George Henry Lee & Co. Ltd.

George Henry Lee & Co. Ltd.

George Henry Lee & Co. Ltd. was a department store in Liverpool.

In 1853 George Henry Lee and his brother, Henry Boswell Lee Junior, opened a bonnet warehouse at 12 Basnett Street. The brothers quickly grew the business into a department store, however their business accumen was poor so they employed an experienced buyer in Thomas Oakshott, to manage the company from 1861.

Thomas would eventually take over as the partner from Henry Boswell, and solely ran the company from 1874 after George’s retirement. In 1897 the business was incorporated as a limited company and at the time of Thomas Oakshott’s death in 1910, the Oakshott family were the sole owners of the business.

In 1919 the company was sold to Henry Gordon Selfridge. In 1926 the store was incorporated into the new Selfridge Provincial Stores group, where it remained until 1940 when it was purchased by John Lewis. The store continued to trade under its original name until 2002 when it was refurbished and rebranded under the John Lewis name.