H. H. & S. Budgett & Co.

H. H. & S. Budgett & Co.

H. H. & S. Budgett & Co. Ltd. was a leading wholesale grocer covering South-West England, South Wales and the London area.

The company was begun c.1820 when Samuel Budgett became a partner of his half-brother Henry Hill Budgett, in the latter’s small shop in Kingswood, Bristol. Samuel Budgett introduced the practice of buying in bulk and delivering to other small shops like his own. He trained a group of travelling salesmen who would visit potential clients outside the Bristol area.

The business grew rapidly and in time reached as far as Birmingham and Penzance. A warehouse and new houses for Budgett employees were built in Kingswood.

In 1842 Henry retired, leaving Samuel in sole charge of the company. Soon afterwards, Samuel set up an additional business as a tea wholesaler in London. When he died in 1851, Samuel’s son took control of of both the tea trade in London and the original business in Bristol under the original name of H. H. & S. Budgett & Co., which was converted into a limited company in 1898.

H. H. & S. Budgett & Co. Ltd. was taken over in 1961 by Scribbans-Kemp. Budgetts continued to trade but gradually declined as a business under the relentless pressure of the supermarkets. In 1968 it was acquired by Lyons & Co.