H. Holdron Limited

H. Holdron Limited

H. Holdron Ltd. was a department store at Rye Lane, Peckham, in south-east London from 1882 to 1949.

Rye Lane was a major shopping centre in south London and was called “London’s Golden Mile” and “the Oxford Street of south London” in the early half of the 20th century. Another large department store in Rye Lane, and competitor of Holdrons, was Jones & Higgins, also a user of commercial overprints.

The business began in 1882 when Henry Holdron established a drapery store at 53 Rye Lane. Holdrons steadily expanded, acquiring properties on either side and the premises were rebuilt incrementally with increasing grandeur. The store became known for its very long opening hours, and there was competitive marketing with frequent sales and special reductions.

In 1926 Holdrons was acquired by Selfridges Provincial Stores. An ambitious rebuilding project was begun and by 1930 Holdrons was one of the biggest department stores in south London, incorporating housing for some of its employees, in-house workshops and tailoring departments.

In 1940 Holdrons was acquired by John Lewis and in 1949 the store was closed down.