Handstamped Overprints

Handstamped Overprints

On an isolated stamp it is difficult to ascertain whether a handstamp is a security endorsement or merely a cancellation. However, when there are several examples, including pairs and blocks, and the handstamp is evenly applied, level and centrally positioned, it suggests more careful work, likely to have been carried out by security staff rather than a hard-pressed cashier.

Some examples of handstamped overprints which may be regarded as security endorsements and can be included in a collection of commercial overprints.

A few examples of handstamped overprints on receipts.

C K & J LTD. (Chamberlain, King & Jones Ltd.)
MAN. COR. (Manchester Corporation)
R. I. Co. (Royal Insurance Co.)
Johnson Dodds & Co. Limited


C. B. (City of Birmingham)