Hankey, Bannister & Co.

Hankey, Bannister & Co.

Hankey, Bannister & Co. was a wine and spirits company established by Beaumont Hankey and Hugh Bannister in 1757 at Johns Street in London’s West End. The business quickly developed a reputation as suppliers of the finest wines and spirits to London Society.

In 1785 the company’s wine cellars were moved to Adelphi Arches under Adelphi Terrace, London’s first neo-classical building designed by the Adams brothers. The cellars remained there until 1936, at which point the Arches were demolished.

Hankey, Bannister & Co. began absorbing a number of other West End firms, acting as an umbrella organisation for various small wine merchants, supplying the Royal Household and many exclusive clubs.

In the 1890s Hanky, Bannister & Co. entered into whisky blending. The company would become renowned for its blended scotch whisky which became the exclusive scotch whisky for the British Armed and Diplomatic Forces and was supplied to Winston Churchill when he was Prime Minister.

In 1915 Hankey, Bannister & Co. moved to 32 Sackville Street where the firm remained until Saccone & Speed purchased the business in 1932.

Today, the Hankey Bannister whisky brand is produced by Inver House Distillers and owned by International Beverage Holdings Ltd.