J. & N. Philips & Co. Ltd.

J. & N. Philips & Co. Ltd.

J. & N. Philips & Co. Ltd. was a textiles and clothing manufacturer.

The business was established by John and Nathaniel Philips in Tean, Staffordshire in 1747. John and Nathaniel were joined by their brother Thomas a few years later. As the company grew, branches were established in Manchester, Radcliffe and Whitefield, near Bury. The two younger brothers also set up a hat making enterprise under the name of Thomas & Nathaniel Philips.

J. & N. Philips & Co. went on to become a nationwide merchanting and manufacturing company.

The firm produced Dorcan fabrics and all types of ready made clothing. In 1915 the business became incorporated as J. & N. Philips & Co. Ltd.

During the Second World War the company’s Manchester premises were requisitioned as a site for the censorship of mail of British prisoners of war.

The company ceased trading in 1970.