The Leigh Mills Company Limited

The Leigh Mills Company Limited

In 1863 the North Warwickshire Worsted & Woollen Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd. was established in Coventry under the chairmanship of Lord Leigh, with the aim of introducing cloth weaving to the city. In 1869 the company shortened its title, partly as a compliment to its chairman, to the Leigh Mills Co. Ltd.

The works in Coventry were greatly enlarged in 1910 and equipped with the latest machinery for the manufacture of of worsted coatings ranging from fine tropical to heavy winter cloths. In 1918 the company purchased the Stanningley Mills in West Yorkshire. There were over 400 dress and shirting looms in the mill and the spinning department ran over 23,000 spindles.

The company produced Admiralty dress serges and fine all-wool taffeta shirtings as well as many ladies’ dress goods. At this time Leigh Mills also had a huge warehouse in Bradford and two depots in London.

By the 1960s Leigh Mills & Co. Ltd. was an ailing company. Following a change in ownership in 1966 the company was renamed Mountleigh and moved into property development. All textile production finally ceased in 1981 and Mountleigh became solely a property company.