Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Company

Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Company

The Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Company was established in 1836 as the Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Company. It quickly rose to an eminent position principally through acquisition.

In 1847 the company purchased the business of The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Insurance Company and in 1864 it merged with the long-established Globe Insurance Company.

In 1919 the biggest merger in British insurance history took place when The Royal Insurance Company acquired The Liverpool and London Globe. The two companies had been the major provincial insurance companies of the 19th century.

Royal Insurance merged with Sun Alliance in 1996 to form Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Group. The company changed its name to RSA Group in 2008 and is currently one of the largest insurance companies based in the UK.

The Liverpool & London Globe began by using full name overprints (SG F19, 172 and 219) before switching to to an initials only type from SG 219 onwards.