The London Merchant Bank Limited

The London Merchant Bank Limited

The London Merchant Bank was an overseas bank, established in the City of London in 1873 as the London & Hanseatic Bank Ltd. It was severely damaged at the beginning of the First World War through exposure to clients in Germany, Poland, Latvia, Austria and Russia.

It was reorganised in 1916 and became titled the London Merchant Bank Ltd.

On the outbreak of the Second World War, all its banking business was transferred to the merchant bankers, Guiness, Mahon & Co. It was then renamed London Merchant Securities Ltd. and developed the characteristics of an investment trust.

It was subsequently acquired by the property financier, Lord Rayne, and developed a wide range of property and industrial interests.

In 2007 the company merged with Derwent Valley Holdings to form Derwent London. In July 2007 the company converted to a real estate investment trust.