Midland Bank Limited

Midland Bank Limited

Midland Bank Ltd. was founded as the Birmingham & Midland Bank in 1836 in Birmingham.

In the 1830s and 1840s the bank occupied an important niche in Birmingham business, particularly in the discounting of bills of exchange for its customers. Links with local industrial and commercial concerns were especially strong and by the 1850s the Bank’s customers included railways, utilities and municipal corporations.

In 1891 the Bank’s name was changed to London & Midland Bank. In 1898 it acquired City Bank Ltd. to consolidate its presence in London, moving its headquarters to Threadneedle Street, and its title was changed to London City & Midland Bank.

It was now one of the four largest banks in the UK. In 1918 a merger took place with the London Joint Stock Bank to form London Joint City & Midland Bank.

The title was shortened to Midland Bank Limited in 1923, and by 1934 it was the largest deposit bank in the world.

In 1992 Midland Bank Ltd. was taken over by HSBC Holdings plc in one of the largest acquisitions in banking history.

Midland Bank Limited overprints are style V2a on all issues and are quite easy to find. Much scarcer are the London Joint City & Midland Bank Limited initials only overprints.