Montague L. Meyer Ltd.

Montague L. Meyer Ltd.

In 1906 Montague Meyer established a business as a timber merchant in London.

During the First World War timber was extremely difficult to come by and ships carrying timber products were often intercepted or sunk. Supply therefore struggled to keep up with demand and the government introduced strict controls on the price and uses of imported timber, further complicating the situation. Meyer approached the Office of Works in 1914 to suggest that a lot of trouble and money could be saved if a single agent bought all of the government’s timber supplies. Shortly afterwards, Meyer was appointed Government Timber Buyer.

The company was incorporated as Montague L. Meyer Ltd. in 1928 and the business continued to grow and prosper.

Meyer died in 1961 and his son John Meyer took control of the firm. With modernised facilities and extensive acquisition Montague L. Meyer Ltd. continued to expand during the 1960s and 70s.

In 1982 the company merged with International Timber to form Meyer International plc.The Meyer timber import business became an independent company following a management buyout in 1998. In 2002 the company sold off its softwood trading operation to focus entirely on wood-based panel products.