Oliver & Atcherley

Oliver & Atcherley

Oliver & Atcherley was a company of silk mercers and linen drapers.

Information about the company is scant. John Atcherley is listed as a silk mercer in Slater’s Directory of Manchester and Salford of 1863. In 1865 Oliver, Atcherley & Lambe were in business at St. Anne’s Square, Manchester. In 1867 John Lambe was no longer a partner and the firm had become Oliver & Atcherley.

John Atcherley died in 1880 and Richard Oliver in 1863.

The company was merged with John Bye & Co. in 1893 and as late as 1929, Kelly’s Directory of Manchester and Salford included a listing for “Bye John & Co. (late Oliver & Atcherley, St. Anne’s Square), millinery specialists, furriers, mourning outfitters and funeral directors, 46 & 46a King Street West.”