Overprints List : A-E

Overprints List : A-E

Page last updated : 20.07.2017


3M Company Ltd.


A & D C S  (Aberdare & District Co-op Society)

A & S. Henry & Co

A C S & H Crowley

A U R  (The Welsbach Incandescent Gas Light Co. Ltd.)

A. & G. I. Co. Ld.  (A. & G. Iron Co. Limited)

A. & R. Tod Ltd.

A. Boake Roberts & Co. Ld.

A. Cowan & Sons

A. E. I. Hotpoint Ltd.

A. H. Ltd.  (Alfred Herbert Ltd.)

A. M. Kino

A. Macnair & Co. Ltd.

A. McLaren & Co.

A. P. Co. Ltd.  (Anglo-Palestine Company Ltd.)

A. R. & S.  (A. Ruffer & Sons)

A. Sanderson & Sons Ltd.

A. W. Gamage Ltd.

Addressograph Multigraph Ltd.

Agra Bank Limited

Aitken & Wright

Albert Usher & Co.

Aldgate House  London, E.1

Alex. Findlater & Co

Alexr. Bedell & Co.

Alfred B. Pearce

Allan Bros. & Co. U. K. Limited

Allen, Solly & Co.

Alliance Assurance Company

Allied Industrial Services Ltd.

Alliston and Company Limited

Amos Hinton and Sons

Anglo-Swiss Cond. Milk Co.

Angus Watson & Co. Limited

Arnott & Co. Dublin Limited

Arthur & Compy. Limited / Arthur, Kay and Compy./ Arthur, Kay and Evans

Ashton & Green Limited

Askeys Limited

Aspro Ltd.

Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Atlas Assurance Company Limited

Australian Mutual Provident Society

Automobile Association

Aylward & Sons Southampton

Ayrton, Saunders & Co. Ltd.


B & J M  (Barlow & Jones Manchester)

B & S Ltd  (Bentley & Shaw Ltd.)

B B L  (Brown Brothers Limited)

B O A C  (British Overseas Airways Corporation)

B of E  (Bank of England)

B U P A  (British United Provident Association)

B. & H. G. G. Co.  (Brighton & Hove General Gas Company)

B. B. S. Co. Ltd.  (British Bata Shoe Company Limited)

B. H. & W. G. Co.  (Brighton, Hove & Worthing Gas Company)

B. Hyam & Son

B. M. Tite & Sons

B. N. S. W. London  (Bank of New South Wales)

B. O. & S. Ltd. Kirkcaldy  (Barry, Ostlere & Shepherd Ltd.)

B. O. S.  (Bank of Scotland)

B. S. Cohen

B. S. E. & D. Gas Company  (Bishop’s Stirtford Epping & District Gas Co.)

B. S. H. & E. G. & E. Co.  (Bishop’s Stortford Harlow & Epping Gas & Elrctricity Co.)

Bainbridge & Co. Limited

Bank of Athens

Bank of British West Africa

Bank of Scotland

Barclay & Son

Barclay Perkins & Co. Ltd.

Barrow, Lane & Ballard

Batger & Co. Ld.

Batho, Taylor & Ogden Ltd.

Baxendale & Co. Ltd.

Beamish and Crawford Ltd.

Bee Bee Biscuits Ltd.

Beecham Foods Limited

Benetfink & Co.

Benham & Sons

Bentalls Limited

Bevington & Morris

Bevingtons & Sons

Binns Ltd.

Blake and Hatcher

Bobby & Co. Ltd.

Bon Marché

Borwick & Sons

Bourne and Hollingsworth Ltd.


Bradbury & Co. Limited

Bradbury Greatorex & Co. Ltd.

Bradford & Sons

Bridgewater Estates Ltd.

Bristol Gas Co.

Bristol United Press Ltd.

Bristol Water Co.

Britannic Assce. Co. Ltd.

British Engine

British Jaeger Instruments Ltd.

British Oxygen Company Limited

Brooke Bond & Co. Ltd.

Brookfields Stafford

Brooks, Thomas & Co. Ltd.

Broom & Wade Ld.

Brown, Davis & Co. / Brown, Davis and Halse

Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co.

Bruce, Jarvis & Co.

Bryant & May

Bulloch, Lade & Co.

Burberrys Limited

Burgoyne, Burbidges and Compy.

Burroughes & Watts Ltd.

Bury Times


C L E L  (Central London Electricity Limited)

C M L Assce. Socy. Ltd.  (Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd.)

C U A G  (Commercial Union Assurance Group)

C. & A. Modes Limited

C. & E. Morton

C. & J. Weldon

C. & R. Light

C. A.  (Crown Agents)

C. Ash & Sons

C. B Gas  (City of Birmingham Gas)

C. B. I. / Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China

C. Davidson & Sons Ld.

C. d’E. de P. / Comptoir d’Escompte de Paris

C. G. L.  (Charrington, Gardner, Locket Ltd.)

C. J. H. & S. Ltd.  (C. J. Hewlett & Son Ltd.)

C. J. Kino

C. M. B. I. L. & C.  (Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China)

C. R. G. / C. S. G. (Norwich & London Accident Insurance Association)

C. Tanqueray & Co.

C. U. G.  (Commercial Union Group)

Cambridge Gas Co.

Cambridge University Press

Campbells and Stewart & McDonald Ltd.

Canadian Pacific Railway Co.

Capper, Son & Co.

Carreras Limited

Carron Company

Carters Tested Seeds Ltd.

Caslon & Co.

Cassell and Company Limited / Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co.

Cater Stoffell & Fortt Ltd.

Catesbys Ltd.

Cavendish House Ltd.

Cerebos Ltd.

Chamberlins Limited

Chance Bros. Limited

Charles Bayer & Co. (1931) Ltd.

Charles Candy & Co.

Charles Sharpe & Co. Ltd.

Chas. Arkcoll

Chas. Goodall & Son Ltd.

Chas. Meeking & Co.

Cheeswright and Cheeswright

Children’s Society

Chocolat Tobler Limited

Christy & Co. Ld.


Cohen & Wilks Ltd.

Colne Valley Water Company

Colonial Bank

Colthurst and Harding

Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. /CU OA BG U  (Commercial Union Assurance Group)

Cook, Son & Co.

Cooke, Sons & Co. /Cooke, Sons & Law

Cooper, Box & Co.

Cope Bros. & Co.

Copestake & Co.

Copestake, Moore, Crampton & Co.

Cort & Paul

County Fire Office

County Perfumery Co. Ltd.

Courage & Co.

Cramer & Co. Limited

Credito Italiano

Crosfields Oil & Cake Co. Ltd.

Crosse & Blackwell Limited

Crowden & Garrod

Croydon Commercial Gas & Coke Company / Croydon Gas Company

Cryselco Ltd Bedford

Cussons Sons & Co. Ltd.


D. Gurteen and Sons

D. H. Evans & Co. Ltd.

D. Hulett & Co.

Daily Telegraph

Daimler Hire Limited

Daniell & Sons Breweries Ltd.

David Evans & Co.

Davy, Hill & Co. / Davy, Yates & Routledge

Dawbarn & Sons

Day and Sons Crewe

Debenham & Freebody / Debenham & Hewett

Dent & Co. / Dent Allcroft & Co.

Derry & Toms

Devas, Routledge & Co.

Dickins & Jones Ltd.

Dinning & Cooke

Dollond & Aitchison Ltd.

Donald Currie & Co.

Dottridge Bros. Ltd.

Doulton & Co. Ltd.

Drage’s Ltd.

Drayton Paper Works Ld.

Dri-ped Limited

Drivers & Norris

Duff Gordon & Co.

Dugdale Bros. & Co.

Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd.

Durex Abrasives Ld.


E. & L. Gas Commissioners

E. & T. Pink / Edward Pink

E. A. Gibson

E. A. W. C.  (East Anglian Water Company)

E. Breffit & Co. Ltd.

E. D. & Co. Ltd. / Elder Dempster and Company Limited

E. H. Booth & Co. Ltd.

E. J. & Co.  (Edwin Jones & Co.)

E. Lazenby & Son

E. Webb & Sons

Eason & Son Limited

East London Water Works Co.

East Surrey Water Company

Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd.

Ediswan  (Edison & Swan Electric Light Co.)

Elkington & Co

Ellis & Co.

Evans, Lescher and Webb / Evans, Sons & Co.

Express Dairy Co. Ltd.