Overprints List : A-E

Overprints List : A-E

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3M Company Ltd.


A & D C S  (Aberdare & District Co-op Society)

A & S. Henry & Co

A C S & H Crowley

A U R  (The Welsbach Incandescent Gas Light Co. Ltd.)

A. & G. I. Co. Ld.  (A. & G. Iron Co. Limited)

A. & H. Ltd.  (Allen & Hanburys Ltd.)

A. & R. Tod Ltd.

A. Boake Roberts & Co. Ld.

A. Cowan & Sons

A. E. I. Hotpoint Ltd.

A. H. Ltd.  (Alfred Herbert Ltd.)

A. M. Kino

A. Macnair & Co. Ltd.

A. McLaren & Co.

A. P. Co. Ltd.  (Anglo-Palestine Company Ltd.)

A. R. & S.  (A. Ruffer & Sons)

A. Sanderson & Sons Ltd.

A. W. Gamage Ltd.

Addressograph Multigraph Ltd.

Agra Bank Limited

Aitken & Wright

Albert Usher & Co.

Aldgate House  London, E.1

Alex. Findlater & Co

Alexr. Bedell & Co.

Alfred B. Pearce

Alfred Gardiner and Sons

Allan Bros. & Co. U. K. Limited

Allen, Solly & Co.

Alliance Assurance Company

Allied Industrial Services Ltd.

Alliston and Company Limited

Amos Hinton and Sons

Anglo-Swiss Cond. Milk Co.

Angus Watson & Co. Limited

Arnolds Ltd.  Gt. Yarmouth

Arnott & Co. Dublin Limited

Arthur & Compy. Limited / Arthur, Kay and Compy./ Arthur, Kay and Evans

Ashton & Green Limited

Askeys Limited

Aspro Ltd.

Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Atlas Assurance Company Limited

Australian Mutual Provident Society

Automobile Association

Aylward & Sons Southampton

Ayrton, Saunders & Co. Ltd.


B & J M  (Barlow & Jones Manchester)

B & S Ltd  (Bentley & Shaw Ltd.)

B B L  (Brown Brothers Limited)

B F & B  (Brook, Freeman & Batley)

B O A C  (British Overseas Airways Corporation)

B of E  (Bank of England)

B S & S  (Burton, Son & Sanders)

B U P A  (British United Provident Association)

B W & Co.  (Burroughs Wellcome & Co.)

B. & H. G. G. Co.  (Brighton & Hove General Gas Company)

B. B. & Co. / Baring Brothers & Co.

B. B. S. Co. Ltd.  (British Bata Shoe Company Limited)

B. H. & W. G. Co.  (Brighton, Hove & Worthing Gas Company)

B. Hyam & Son

B. M. Tite & Sons

B. N. S. W. London  (Bank of New South Wales)

B. O. & S. Ltd. Kirkcaldy  (Barry, Ostlere & Shepherd Ltd.)

B. O. S.  (Bank of Scotland)

B. S. Cohen

B. S. E. & D. Gas Company  (Bishop’s Stirtford Epping & District Gas Co.)

B. S. H. & E. G. & E. Co.  (Bishop’s Stortford Harlow & Epping Gas & Elrctricity Co.)

Bainbridge & Co. Limited

Bank of Athens

Bank of British West Africa

Bank of Scotland

Barclay & Son

Barclay Perkins & Co. Ltd.

Barclays Bank Limited / Barclays Bank D. C. O.

Barnet District Gas & Water Company

Barrow, Lane & Ballard

Batger & Co. Ld.

Batho, Taylor & Ogden Ltd.

Baxendale & Co. Ltd.

Beamish and Crawford Ltd.

Bee Bee Biscuits Ltd.

Beecham Foods Limited

Benetfink & Co.

Benham & Sons

Bentalls Limited

Bevington & Morris

Bevingtons & Sons

Binns Ltd.

Blake and Hatcher

Blundell Spence & Co

Bobby & Co. Ltd.

Bon Marché

Borwick & Sons

Bourne and Hollingsworth Ltd.


Bradbury & Co. Limited

Bradbury Greatorex & Co. Ltd.

Bradford & Sons

Brentnall & Cleland Ld.

Bridgewater Estates Ltd.

Bristol Gas Co.

Bristol United Press Ltd.

Bristol Water Co.

Britannic Assce. Co. Ltd.

British Engine

British Jaeger Instruments Ltd.

British Oxygen Company Limited

Brooke Bond & Co. Ltd.

Brookfields Stafford

Brooks, Thomas & Co. Ltd.

Broom & Wade Ld.

Brown, Davis & Co. / Brown, Davis and Halse

Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co.

Bruce, Jarvis & Co.

Bryant & May

Bullard, King & Co. Limited

Bulloch, Lade & Co.

Burberrys Limited

Burgoyne, Burbidges and Compy.

Burroughes & Watts Ltd.

Bury Times


C L E L  (Central London Electricity Limited)

C M L Assce. Socy. Ltd.  (Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd.)

C U A G  (Commercial Union Assurance Group)

C. & A. Modes Limited

C. & E. Morton

C. & J. Weldon

C. & R. Light

C. A.  (Crown Agents)

C. Ash & Sons

C. B Gas  (City of Birmingham Gas)

C. B. I. / Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China

C. C. Wakefield & Co. Limited

C. Davidson & Sons Ld.

C. d’E. de P. / Comptoir d’Escompte de Paris

C. F. Hancock, Son & Co.

C. G. L.  (Charrington, Gardner, Locket Ltd.)

C. J. H. & S. Ltd.  (C. J. Hewlett & Son Ltd.)

C. J. Kino

C. K. & J. Ltd.  (Chamberlain, King & Jones Ltd.)

C. M. B. I. L. & C.  (Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China)

C. R. G. / C. S. G. (Norwich & London Accident Insurance Association)

C. Tanqueray & Co.

C. U. G.  (Commercial Union Group)

Cambridge Gas Co.

Cambridge University Press

Campbells and Stewart & McDonald Ltd.

Canadian Pacific Railway Co.

Capper, Son & Co.

Carreras Limited

Carron Company

Carters Tested Seeds Ltd.

Caslon & Co.

Cassell and Company Limited / Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co.

Cater Stoffell & Fortt Ltd.

Catesbys Ltd.

Cavendish House Ltd.

Cerebos Ltd.

Chamberlins Limited

Chance Bros. Limited

Charles Bayer & Co. (1931) Ltd.

Charles Candy & Co.

Charles Sharpe & Co. Ltd.

Chas. Arkcoll

Chas. Goodall & Son Ltd.

Chas. Meeking & Co.

Cheeswright and Cheeswright

Children’s Society

Chocolat Tobler Limited

Christy & Co. Ld.


Cohen & Wilks Ltd.

Colne Valley Water Company

Colonial Bank

Colthurst and Harding

Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. /CU OA BG U  (Commercial Union Assurance Group)

Congregational Insurance Co. Ltd.

Cook, Son & Co.

Cooke, Sons & Co. /Cooke, Sons & Law

Cooper, Box & Co.

Cope Bros. & Co.

Copestake & Co.

Copestake, Moore, Crampton & Co.

Cort & Paul

County Fire Office

County Perfumery Co. Ltd.

Courage & Co.

Cramer & Co. Limited

Credito Italiano

Crescens Robinson & Co.

Crosfields Oil & Cake Co. Ltd.

Crosse & Blackwell Limited

Crowden & Garrod

Croydon Commercial Gas & Coke Company / Croydon Gas Company

Croydon Local Board of Health

Cryselco Ltd Bedford

Cussons Sons & Co. Ltd.


D. & J. Wellby

D. Bumsted & Co

D. E. R. Ltd.  (Domestic Electric Rentals Ltd.)

D. Gurteen and Sons

D. H. Evans & Co. Ltd.

D. Hulett & Co.

D. M’Coll

Daily Telegraph

Daimler Hire Limited

Dalton, Barton & Co. Limited

Daniell & Sons Breweries Ltd.

David Evans & Co.

David Thom, Domeier & Co. Ltd. / David Thom & Co. Ltd.

Davy, Hill & Co. / Davy, Yates & Routledge

Dawbarn & Sons

Day and Sons Crewe

Debenham & Freebody / Debenham & Hewett

Dent & Co. / Dent Allcroft & Co.

Derry & Toms

Devas, Routledge & Co.

Dickins & Jones Ltd.

Dinning & Cooke

Dollond & Aitchison Ltd.

Donald Currie & Co.

Dottridge Bros. Ltd.

Doulton & Co. Ltd.

Drage’s Ltd.

Drayton Paper Works Ld.

Dri-ped Limited

Drivers & Norris

Druce & Co. Ltd.  Baker St. W.1

Duff Gordon & Co.

Dugdale Bros. & Co.

Dunns Farm Seeds Ltd.

Durex Abrasives Ld.


E. & L. Gas Commissioners

E. & T. Pink / Edward Pink

E. A. Gibson

E. A. W. C.  (East Anglian Water Company)

E. Breffit & Co. Ltd.

E. D. & Co. Ltd. / Elder Dempster and Company Limited

E. H. Booth & Co. Ltd.

E. J. & Co.  (Edwin Jones & Co.)

E. Lazenby & Son

E. Webb & Sons

Eason & Son Limited

East London Water Works Co.

East Surrey Water Company

Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd.

Ediswan  (Edison & Swan Electric Light Co.)

Elkington & Co

Ellis & Co.

Evans, Lescher and Webb / Evans, Sons & Co.

Express Dairy Co. Ltd.