Overprints List : F-L

Overprints List : F-L

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F. & B.  (Foster & Braithwaite)

F. & C. Osler

F. Mordan & Co.

F. N. C. B. of N. Y. London  (First National City Bank of New York)

F. Ry. Co.  (Furness Railway Company)

F. Strickland & Sons

F. Warren & Co.

Faire Bros. & Co.


Field, Hawkins & Ponking

Findlater, Mackie & Co., Limited.

Fisons Ltd.

Fitch & Son

Flockton, Tompkin & Co. Limited

Flower & Sons Limited

Flyde Water Board

Foster Brothers

Foster Clark Limited

Foster Porter & Co.

Frank Love Limited

Frederick Finn & Sons Limited

Frederick Gorringe Ltd.

Fredk. Braby & Co. Ltd.

Fredk. Lawrence Limited

Fredk. Leyland & Co. Limited

Fremlin Bros. / Fremlins Ltd.


G W R  (Great Western Railway)

G. & A. Worms

G. & T. Earle Ltd.

G. A. Harvey & Co. (London) Ltd.

G. A. Kino

G. B. Kent & Co.

G. Harding & Sons

G. N. R.  (Great Northern Railway)

G. R. & Co. Ltd.  (George Richards & Co. Ltd.)

G. Startin & Co.

Galbraith, Grant, Limited

Game, Harrison and Larner / Game & Son Ltd.

Gardiner, Sons & Co. Ltd.

Gellatly, Hankey, Sewell & Co

Geo. J. Smith & Co. Ltd.

George Angus & Co. Ltd.

George Brettle & Co. Ltd.

George Harding & Sons Ltd.

George Henry Lee & Co. Ltd.

Gibbs and Dandy Limited

Glen Line (McG. G. & Co.) Ltd.

Glyn & Co.

Godfrey’s Limited

Gordon & Gotch Limited

Gosling & Sons Ltd.

Goulds Ltd.

Gray, Dawes & Co.

Greene, King & Sons Ltd.

Grindlays Bank Ltd.

GS&WR  (Great Southern & Western Railway)

Guardian Assurance Co. Ld.

Guildford Gas Company

Gundry & Sons


H B S & B  (Henry Barker, Smart & Brown Ltd.)

H & S B C  /Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

H. B. S.  (Halifax Building Society)

H. Bannerman & Sons Ltd.

H. Brooks & Co.

H. D. Rawlings

H. Erhardt & Co

H. Faulder & Co. Ltd.

H. H. & S. Budgett & Co.

H. Holdron Ltd. Peckham S. E. 15

H. J. Nicoll & Co.

H. J. Searle & Son Ld.

H. Millward & Sons

H. P. & Co.  (Heseltine Powell & Co.)

H. P. B. & Co. Ltd.  (H. P. Bulmer & Co. Ltd.)

H. Rossell & Co.

H. S. W. & Co. Ltd.  (H. S. Whiteside & Co. Ltd.)

H. W. Co. Ld.  (The Houndsditch Warehouse Co. Ltd.)

H. W. Trickett

H. Warner & Son Ltd.

H. Williamson Limited

Hall & Pickles Ltd.

Hallamshire Steel & File Co. Limited

Hambros Bank Limited

Hammond, Turners & Bate

Hancocks & Co.

Hankey, Bannister & Co.

Harmar, Pearson & Sons

Harrild & Sons

Harrods Limited / Harrod’s Stores Limited

Harry Hall

Harvey, Nichols & Co. Limited

Heal & Son

Hector Powe

Hedges and Butler

Heelas Ltd. Reading

Henry Sotheran & Co.

Herbert Ashman and Co.

Higgins Eagle & Co. / Higgins, Eagle & Hutchinson

Hine, Parker & Co. Ld.


Hirst Brothers

Hobday Bros. Ld.

Hobson & Sons

Hoffmann Chelmsford

Holland & Coombs

Holland & Sherry

Hooper & Compy.

Howse Mead & Sons

Hull Brewery Co., Ltd.

Huntley & Palmers

Hussey & Townsends

Hyam & Co.


I C I / Imperial Chemical Industries Limited

I. & R. Morley

I. B. & R. Ld.  (Ideal Boilers & Radiators Limited)

I. F. Pawson & Co.

I. F. S.  (International Fur Store)

I. H. S. & Co. London  (J. Henry Schröder & Co.)

I. J. & G. Cooper Limited

I. P. Clarke and Co.

Ind, Coope & Co.

Ingall, Parsons, Clive & Co. Ltd.

Ingham & Tipping Ltd.


J & I Batten & Compy. /J & I Batten & Ginner

J & R. Smith

J W E R  (John Wright & Eagle Range Ltd.)

J. & A. D. Grimond

J. & J. C. Ld.  (J. & J. Colman Ltd.)

J. & N. Philips and Co. Ltd.

J. & P. Coats

J. & W. Campbell & Co.

J. & W. Vokins

J. Bolding & Sons Ltd.

J. C. & J. Field Ltd

J. D. & Co. Ltd. / John Dickinson & Co. Ltd.

J. E. & W. Christy & Co.

J. H. Gosling

J. H. Sankey & Son Ltd.

J. Hewit & Sons

J. K & S. Ld. / J. Keiller & Son

J. Lewis & Co. / John Lewis & Co. Ltd.

J. Lyons & Co. / J. Lyons & Sons

J. M. & Co.  (John Mathews & Co.)

J. Oakey & Sons / John Oakey & Sons Ltd.

J. R. & Co. Ltd. / J. Rotherham & Co.

J. R. Dale & Co.

J. Russell & Co. Ld. / John Russell & Co. Limited

J. S. Smith, Druce & Co. Limited

J. Spicer & Sons.

J. T. Morton

J. Travers and Sons

J. Veitch & Sons

J. W. & Co. Ltd.  (John Wright & Co. Ltd.)

J. W. Allen

J. W. Benson Ltd.

J. W. French & Co. Ltd.

Jackson & Graham

James Ainslie & Co.

James Carter & Co.

James Colmer Limited

James Dilworth & Son

James Hole & Co., Ltd. Newark

Jas. Pearsall & Co.

Jas. Shoolbred & Co.

Jas. Stott Ld Coldhurst Hall Mill

Jas. Utley & Co Wath Brewery

Jas. Vickers and Compy.

Jay’s Ltd.

Jno. Russell & Co. Limited

Joel Edwards & Sons

John Barker & Co. Ld.

John Barnes & Co. Ltd.

John Hall and Sons

John Heywood Ltd.

John Hutton and Sons

John Johnson & Son

John Moir & Son Limited

John Pound & Co.

John Walsh Ltd.  Sheffield

Johnson, Dodds & Co. Limited

Jonas Brook & Brothers

Jones & Higgins Ltd.

JONES’ S. Mc. Co. Ld.  (Jones Sewing Machine Company Limited)

Joseph Lucas Ltd.


K & Co  (Kessler & Co. Limited)

K B & Co. Ltd.  (Kemball Bishop & Co. Ltd.)

K. M. & Co.  (Kendal Milne & Co.)

Kearley & Tonge Ltd.

Kelsall & Kemp Limited

Kent, Blaxill & Co. Ltd.

Kerr & Co. Ld.

Kingham & Sons


L. & H. C.  J. E. A.  (London & Home Counties Joint Electricity Authority)

L. & L. & G.  / Liverpool & London Globe Ins. Co.

L. & L. Ins. Co. Ld.  (London & Lancashire Insurance Co. Ltd.)

L. E. P.  (Lancashire Electric Power Company)

L. Hirst & Son

L. J. C. & M. Bk. Ld.  (London Joint City & Midland Bank Limited)

Lambert Bros.

Language Tuition Centre

Leaf, Sons & Co.

LEP Transport

Lever Paper Maker and Printer

Lewis Berger and Sons Limited


Lincoln Co-op Soc.

Liverpool Gas Fitting Company Limited / Liverpool United Gas Light Company

Lloyd & Muspratt

Lloyd, Attree & Smith

Lloyds Bank Limited

Lockwood & Bradley


Lon. & Lanc. Fire Insce. Co.

London & County Bank / London County and Westminster Bank / London County Westminster & Parr’s Bank Ltd.

London & India Docks Joint Committee

London, Chatham and Dover Railway Company

Louis London & Sons