Overprints List : M-S

Overprints List : M-S

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M & A.  (Margetts & Addenbrooke)

M & S / M. & S.  (Marshall & Snelgrove)

M A C / M. A. C.  (Metal Agencies Co. Ltd.)

M T O  (Morrell’s Trustees Oxford)

M W T Co.  (Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company)

M. A. Craven & Son

M. B. & R. Blankley

M. B. I. Ld.  (Mercantile Bank of India Limited)

M. D. & H. B.  (Mersey Docks & Harbour Board)

M. E. P. C.  (Metropolitan Estate & Property Corporation)

M. Huntbach & Co. Ltd.  Hanley

M. M. & Co.  (Mullens, Marshall & Co.)

M. R. Receipt  (Midland Railway Receipt)

M. Rose & Sons

M. W. B.  (Metropolitan Water Board)

Mac Iver

Macfarlane, Lang & Co. Ld.

Maconochie Foods Ltd.

Manchester Assurance Company /Manchester Fire Assurance Company

Manchester Collieries Ltd.

Mann, Crossman and Paulin

Manufacturers Life

Maple & Co.

Mappin & Webb /Mappin Brothers

Martins Bank

Max Emanuel & Co.

M’Corquodale & Co.

McIntyre Hogg & Co. / McIntyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. Ltd.

McVitie & Price Ltd.

Meltis Ltd.

Metal Sections

Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd.

Miles Druce & Co.

Miller & Sons Ltd.

Millington & Hutton / Millington & Sons

Montague L. Meyer Ltd.

Moore, Taggart & Co.

Morning Post Limited


N B & M Insce. Co. Ld.  (North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. Ltd.)

N B I  (National Bank of India)

N C R Co. Ltd.  (National Cash Register Co. Ltd.)

N T G B / North Thames Gas Board

N. B. Co. Ld.  (Napier Brown Limited)

N. B. N. Z. Ltd.  (National Bank of New Zealand Ltd.)

N. E. R.  (North Eastern Railway)

N. I. H. Ld.  (New Ideal Homesteads Ltd.)

N. Kilvert & Sons Ltd.

N. L. Fernandes and Co.

N. M. E. P. S. Co.  (North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Co.)

N. M. R. & Sons  (N. M. Rothschild & Sons)

Nat. Pro. Bk. Ld. / National Provincial Bank Limited /Nat. Prov. and Union Bank of England Ltd.

National Union of Railwaymen

Neale & Wilkinson Ltd.

Nestle and Huntsman

Newberry, Blake and Hatcher

News of the World

Newton, Chambers & Co. Ltd.

Norfolk News Co. Ltd.

North Central

North East Lincolnshire Water Board

North Middlesex Gas Co.

North West Securities


O. B. C.  (Oriental Bank Corporation)

Oetzmann & Co.

Old Betty Plants Ltd.

Oliver & Atcherley

Orme, Evans & Co Ltd.

Osmond & Matthews


P S N C  (Pacific Steam Navigation Company)

P. & O. / P. & O. S. N. Co. / P & O Orient Lines

P. & R. Fleming & Co.

P. & W. Maclellan Limited

P. B. & W. Ld.  (Peek Brothers & Winch Ltd.)

P. B. Cow & Co.

P. F. & Co. Ld./M. Ld./S. C. Ltd.  (Peek Frean, Meltis, Suchard Chocolate Ltd.)

P. Henderson & Co.

P. J. & Co  (Pinchin, Johnson & Co.)

P. J. & Co. Ltd. /  W. H. & C. Ltd.

P. P. C. C.  (Price’s Patent Candle Co. Ltd.)

P. Phipps & Co. Limited

P. S. Yapp / Peter Yapp

P. W. & A. Ltd.  (Parker, Winder & Achurch Ltd.)


Palmeira Stores

Palmer & Co.

Pauldens Ltd.

Pawson & Company /Pawsons & Leafs Limited

Pearl Assurance Compy., Limited

Peek Bros. & Co.

Peek Frean & Co. Ltd.

Pellatt & Co.

Peter Robinson

Petty, Wood & Co. Ld.

Pfeil, Stedall and Son

Phoenix Assurance Co. Ld.

Pickfords Ltd.


Pocock Bros. Ltd.


Port of London Authority

Portsea Gas Co.

Potter & Moore Limited

Premier Electric Heaters Limited

Premier Motor Policies Ltd.

Preston Bros. & Co.

Pritchard & Burton

Provident Mutual Life A. A.

Prudential Assurance Company Limited

Pryce Jones

Pyne Bros.


Quin & Axtens


R. E. Davies

R. G. S. Ltd.  (Radiation Group Sales Ltd.)

R. Hornsby & Sons Ld.

R. Hovenden & Sons

R. J. Reuter & Co. Ld.

R. S. Hudson

R. S. Murray & Co. Ltd.

R. Twining

R. W. C. & Co.  (R. W. Carden & Co.)

R. W. Kennard & Co.

R. Wotherspoon & Co.

Raymond Way Motors Limited

Read Holliday & Sons Ltd.

Redmayne & Co.

Remington Rand Limited


Richard & Tucker Nunn Ltd.

Richard Dickeson & Co. Ltd.

Richard Wheen & Sons

Ridley, Whitley & Co.

Ritchie & Eason Ltd.

Rivington & Co

Robb Bros. Ltd.  Birkenhead

Robert Varvill

Robinson & Barnsdale, Ld.

Robt. Mac Andrew

Robt. Millar & Sons

Romford Gas Company

Rose Kia-Ora

Rownson, Drew & Clydesdale Ltd.

Rowntree & Co. Ltd.

Royal Exchange Assurance

Royal Insurance Company Limited

Rudge-Whitworth Limited

Russells & Wrangham Ltd.

Rylands & Sons Limited


S D W Co.  (Sutton District Water Company)

S Ltd  (Smedley’s Ltd.)

S M G C  (South Metropolitan Gas Company

S T C  (Standard Telephones & Cables)

S. & E. Ld  (Swan & Edgar Limited)

S. & J. Watts & Co.

S. B. B. S. A. Ld.  (Standard Bank of British South Africa Limited)

S. B. V.  (Swiss Bank Verein)

S. Barrow & Bro. / Samuel Barrow & Brother Ltd.

S. Bowley & Son

S. Cavander & Co.

S. Hannington & Sons

S. Hanson & Son / S. Hanson, Son & Barter / S. Hanson, Son, Evison & Barter

S. L. & Co.  (Steer, Lawford & Co.)

S. Lendon & Sons

S. M. T.  S. & S. Co. Ltd.  (Scottish Motor Traction Sales & Service Co. Ltd.)

S. Maw & Son / S. Maw, Son and Thompson / S. Maw, Son & Sons, Ltd.

S. P. & C. Mumford / S. P. Mumford & Co.

S. Schwabe & Co

S. T. & B. Ltd.  (Spencer, Turner & Boldero Ltd.)

Sales, Pollard, Lloyd & Co.

Samuel Brothers

Sanderson Fabrics

Scholl Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Schweppe & Co. / Schweppes Ltd.

Scott-Brand Foods Ltd.

Scottish Gas Board

Scottish Union & National Insurance Company

Scribbans-Kemp (London) Ltd.

Selfridge London

Seymour Elwyn and Godden / Seymour Elwyn and Pierce / Seymour Pierce and Chalk

Sharp, Perrin & Co.

Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ld.

Shell-Mex and B. P. Ltd.

Shepherd Neame Ltd.

Sherwoods Paints Limited

Shipping Gazette and Lloyd’s List

Shirer & Son

Shrubsole & Co.

Silber & Fleming

Sir Joseph Causton & Sons

Sir R. W. C. & Co.  (Sir R. W. Carden & Co.) /Sir R. W. Carden & Co.

Sir W. C. Leng & Co.

SKF  (Skefko Ball Bearing Co. Ltd.)

Smedley’s Limited

Smith, Elder & Co.

Smith, Payne & Smiths

Smith, Sons & Laughland

Smiths & Gore / Smiths, Gore & Co.

Smiths English Clocks Ltd.

Sopers of Harrow

South Eastern Railway Company

South Metropolitan Gas Company

Sparrow, Hardwick & Co.

Speirs & Knox / Speirs, Parnie & Adam

Spencer (Banbury) Limited.

Spero  (Richard Haworth & Co. Ltd.)

Spirella Co. Ltd.

Spooner & Co. Ltd. / Spooners Plymouth

Spratts Patent Limited

Spreckley, White & Lewis

Squirrel Confectionery Co. Ld.

Stag & Mantle Ltd. / Stag & Russell Ld.

Stamina Foods Ltd.

Stapley & Smith

Stedall and Company

Stewart & McDonald

Strickland Bros.

Strong & Co. of Romsey Limited

Sun Life Assurance Society

Surridge Dawson & Co. Ltd.

Sutton District Water Company

Swan & Edgar

Switzer, Ferguson, and Co.

Symbol Biscuits Limited