Overprints List : M-S

Overprints List : M-S

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M & A.  (Margetts & Addenbrooke)

M & S / M. & S.  (Marshall & Snelgrove)

M A C / M. A. C.  (Metal Agencies Co. Ltd.)

M T O  (Morrell’s Trustees Oxford)

M W T Co.  (Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company)

M. A. Craven & Son

M. B. & R. Blankley

M. B. I. Ld.  (Mercantile Bank of India Limited)

M. D. & H. B.  (Mersey Docks & Harbour Board)

M. E. P. C.  (Metropolitan Estate & Property Corporation)

M. Huntbach & Co. Ltd.  Hanley

M. M. & Co.  (Mullens, Marshall & Co.)

M. R. Receipt  (Midland Railway Receipt)

M. Rose & Sons

M. W. B.  (Metropolitan Water Board)

Mac Iver

Macfarlane, Lang & Co. Ld.

Maconochie Foods Ltd.

Manchester Assurance Company /Manchester Fire Assurance Company

Manchester Collieries Ltd.

Mann, Crossman and Paulin

Manufacturers Life

Maple & Co.

Mappin & Webb /Mappin Brothers

Martins Bank

Max Emanuel & Co.

M’Corquodale & Co.

McIntyre Hogg & Co. / McIntyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. Ltd.

McVitie & Price Ltd.

Melles, Jones, Reid & Co. / Melles & Co. Ltd.

Meltis Ltd.

Metal Sections

Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd.

Midland Bank Limited

Midland Counties Insurance Company

Miles Druce & Co.

Miller & Sons Ltd.

Millington & Hutton / Millington & Sons

Montague L. Meyer Ltd.

Moore, Taggart & Co.

Morning Post Limited


N B & M Insce. Co. Ld.  (North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. Ltd.)

N B I  (National Bank of India)

N C R Co. Ltd.  (National Cash Register Co. Ltd.)

N T G B / North Thames Gas Board

N. B. Co. Ld.  (Napier Brown Limited)

N. B. N. Z. Ltd.  (National Bank of New Zealand Ltd.)

N. Corah & Sons

N. E. R.  (North Eastern Railway)

N. I. H. Ld.  (New Ideal Homesteads Ltd.)

N. Kilvert & Sons Ltd.

N. L. Fernandes and Co.

N. M. E. P. S. Co.  (North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Co.)

N. M. R. & Sons  (N. M. Rothschild & Sons)

Nat. Pro. Bk. Ld. / National Provincial Bank Limited /Nat. Prov. and Union Bank of England Ltd.

National Union of Railwaymen

Neale & Wilkinson Ltd.

Nestle and Huntsman

Newberry, Blake and Hatcher

News of the World

Newsom & Son

Newton, Chambers & Co. Ltd.

Nicholas Temperley & Son

Norfolk News Co. Ltd.

North Central

North East Lincolnshire Water Board

North Middlesex Gas Co.

North West Securities


O. B. C.  (Oriental Bank Corporation)

Oetzmann & Co.

Old Betty Plants Ltd.

Oliver & Atcherley

Orme, Evans & Co Ltd.

Osmond & Matthews


P S N C  (Pacific Steam Navigation Company)

P. & O. / P. & O. S. N. Co. / P & O Orient Lines

P. & R. Fleming & Co.

P. & W. Maclellan Limited

P. B. & W. Ld.  (Peek Brothers & Winch Ltd.)

P. B. Cow & Co.

P. F. & Co. Ld./M. Ld./S. C. Ltd.  (Peek Frean, Meltis, Suchard Chocolate Ltd.)

P. Henderson & Co.

P. J. & Co  (Pinchin, Johnson & Co.)

P. J. & Co. Ltd. /  W. H. & C. Ltd.

P. P. C. C.  (Price’s Patent Candle Co. Ltd.)

P. Phipps & Co. Limited

P. S. Yapp / Peter Yapp

P. W. & A. Ltd.  (Parker, Winder & Achurch Ltd.)


Palmeira Stores

Palmer & Co.

Palmer, Howe & Co.

Paul Walser & Co. Ltd.

Pauldens Ltd.

Pawson & Company /Pawsons & Leafs Limited

Pearl Assurance Compy., Limited

Peek Bros. & Co.

Peek Frean & Co. Ltd.

Pelican and British Empire Life Office

Pellatt & Co.

Peter Robinson

Petty, Wood & Co. Ld.

Pfeil, Stedall and Son

Phoenix Assurance Co. Ld.

Pickfords Ltd.


Pocock Bros. Ltd.


Port of London Authority

Portsea Gas Co.

Potter & Moore Limited

Premier Electric Heaters Limited

Premier Motor Policies Ltd.

Preston Bros. & Co.

Pride and Clarke Ltd.

Pritchard & Burton

Provident Mutual Life A. A.

Provincial Insurance Company

Prudential Assurance Company Limited

Pryce Jones

Pyne Bros.


Quin & Axtens


R. A.  (Philips Electrical Ltd.)

R. E. Davies

R. G. S. Ltd.  (Radiation Group Sales Ltd.)

R. Hornsby & Sons Ld.

R. Hovenden & Sons

R. Hunter Craig & Co. Limited

R. J. Reuter & Co. Ld.

R. S. Hudson

R. S. Murray & Co. Ltd.

R. Twining

R. W. C. & Co.  (R. W. Carden & Co.)

R. W. Kennard & Co.

R. Whytock & Co.

R. Wotherspoon & Co.

Raymond Way Motors Limited

Read Holliday & Sons Ltd.

Redmayne & Co.

Remington Rand Limited


Richard & Tucker Nunn Ltd.

Richard Dickeson & Co. Ltd.

Richard Wheen & Sons

Richd. Evans & Co.

Richd. Haworth & Co.

Ridley, Whitley & Co.

Ritchie & Eason Ltd.

Rivington & Co

Robb Bros. Ltd.  Birkenhead

Robert Varvill

Robinson & Barnsdale, Ld.

Robt. Mac Andrew

Robt. Millar & Sons

Romford Gas Company

Rose Kia-Ora

Rownson, Drew & Clydesdale Ltd.

Rowntree & Co. Ltd.

Royal Exchange Assurance

Royal Insurance Company Limited

Rudge-Whitworth Limited

Russells & Wrangham Ltd.

Rylands & Sons Limited


S D W Co.  (Sutton District Water Company)

S Ltd  (Smedley’s Ltd.)

S M G C  (South Metropolitan Gas Company

S T C  (Standard Telephones & Cables)

S W E B / South Western Electricity Board

S. & Co., Ltd.  (Selfridge & Co. Ltd.)

S. & E. Ld  (Swan & Edgar Limited)

S. & J. Watts & Co.

S. B. B. S. A. Ld.  (Standard Bank of British South Africa Limited)

S. B. of I.  London  (State Bank of India)

S. B. V.  (Swiss Bank Verein)

S. Barrow & Bro. / Samuel Barrow & Brother Ltd.

S. Bowley & Son

S. Cavander & Co.

S. Guiterman

S. Hannington & Sons

S. Hanson & Son / S. Hanson, Son & Barter / S. Hanson, Son, Evison & Barter

S. L. & Co.  (Steer, Lawford & Co.)

S. Lendon & Sons

S. M. T.  S. & S. Co. Ltd.  (Scottish Motor Traction Sales & Service Co. Ltd.)

S. Maw & Son / S. Maw, Son and Thompson / S. Maw, Son & Sons, Ltd.

S. P. & C. Mumford / S. P. Mumford & Co.

S. S. E. B. / South of Scotland Electricity Board

S. Schwabe & Co

S. T. & B. Ltd.  (Spencer, Turner & Boldero Ltd.)

S. W. G. B. / South Western Gas Board

Sacratinta Ltd

Sales, Pollard, Lloyd & Co.

Samuel Brothers

Sanderson Fabrics

Scholl Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Schunck Souchay & Co.

Schweppe & Co. / Schweppes Ltd.

Scott-Brand Foods Ltd.

Scottish Gas Board

Scottish Union & National Insurance Company

Scribbans-Kemp (London) Ltd.

Selfridge London

Seymour Elwyn and Godden / Seymour Elwyn and Pierce / Seymour Pierce and Chalk

Sharp, Perrin & Co.

Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ld.

Sheffield Gas Co.

Shell-Mex and B. P. Ltd.

Shepherd Neame Ltd.

Sherwoods Paints Limited

Shipping Gazette and Lloyd’s List

Shirer & Son

Shrubsole & Co.

Silber & Fleming

Sir Joseph Causton & Sons

Sir R. W. C. & Co.  (Sir R. W. Carden & Co.) /Sir R. W. Carden & Co.

Sir W. C. Leng & Co.

SKF  (Skefko Ball Bearing Co. Ltd.)

Smedley’s Limited

Smith & Ritchie Ltd.

Smith, Elder & Co.

Smith, Parfrey & Co. Ltd.

Smith, Payne & Smiths

Smith, Sons & Laughland

Smiths & Gore / Smiths, Gore & Co.

Smiths English Clocks Ltd.

Sopers of Harrow

South Eastern Railway Company

South Metropolitan Gas Company

Sparrow, Hardwick & Co.

Speirs & Knox / Speirs, Parnie & Adam

Spencer (Banbury) Limited.

Spero  (Richard Haworth & Co. Ltd.)

Spiers & Pond Ld.

Spirella Co. Ltd.

Spooner & Co. Ltd. / Spooners Plymouth

Spottiswoode & Co.

Spratts Patent Limited

Spreckley, White & Lewis

Squirrel Confectionery Co. Ld.

St. Cuthbert’s Co-op. Assoc. Limited

Stag & Mantle Ltd. / Stag & Russell Ld.

Stamina Foods Ltd.

Stapley & Smith

Stedall and Company

Stewart & McDonald

Strickland Bros.

Strong & Co. of Romsey Limited

Sun Life Assurance Society

Surridge Dawson & Co. Ltd.

Sutton District Water Company

Swan & Edgar

Sweet & Maxwell Ltd.

Swiss Bank Corporation

Switzer, Ferguson, and Co.

Symbol Biscuits Limited