Overprints List : T-Z

Overprints List : T-Z

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T C & S  (Thomas Cook & Son)

T. & E. Gas Co.  (Tottenham & Edmonton Gas Company)

T. & W. Farmiloe Ltd.

T. B. & W. Cockayne Ltd. Sheffield

T. Bradford & Co.

T. C. & S. Ld.  (T. Collinson & Sons Ltd.)

T. D. G. Co.  (Tottenham and District Gas Company) / T. D. L. H. P. Co.  (Tottenham District, Light Heat and Power Company)

T. F. W. B.  (Taf Fechan Water Board)

T. Forman & Sons

T. Grimshaw & Sons

T. Hubbuck & Son

T. J. & J. Smith

T. Mills & Co.

T. Tapling & Co. / Thos. Tapling & Co.

T. V. C. W.  (Tees Valley & Cleveland Water) / T. V. W. B.  (Tees Valley Water Board)

T. Wallis & Co. / Thomas Wallis & Co. Ltd.

Taddy & Co.

Tarn & Co.

Taylor Bros.

Teetgen & Co. Ltd.

Thames Conservancy

The Bank of Montreal

The Beeston Boiler Co. Ltd.

The Blanefield Printing Coy.

The Bridgewater Trustees

The British Drug Houses Ld.

The Broughton Copper Co. Lim.

The Canada Life Assurance Company

The Capital and Counties Bank Limited

The City of London Brewery Co. Limited

The Clay Cross Company

The Conde Nast Publications Ld.

The Croydon Gas Company

The Daily Telegraph & Morning Post

The Direct U. S. Cable Co. Limited

The Earl of Ellesmere

The East & West India Dock Company

The Eastbourne Waterworks Co.

The Eastern Bank Limited

The Ellerman Lines Ltd.

The Finsbury Distillery Co. Ltd.

The Fore Street Warehouse Co. Ltd.

The Gas Light and Coke Compy.

The General Electric Co. Ltd.

The Goldsmiths’ Alliance Limited

The H. F. & F. M. Co.. Ltd.  (The Humber Fishing & Fish Manure Co. Ltd.)

The Hollins Mill Co. Ltd.

The Illustrated London News & Sketch Ltd.

The Imperial Bank Limited

The Indo-European Telegraph Co. Limited

The Law Society

The Leather Cloth Company Limited

The Leigh Mills Co. Ld.

The Liverpool Gas Co.

The Liverpool Printing and Stationery Co. Limited

The London & Lisbon Corkwood Co. Limited

The Morgan Crucible Co Ltd

The National Magazine Co. Ltd.

The Northmet Power Company

The Preston & District Farmers Trading Socy. Ltd.

The Queen’s Old Castle Co.

The Scottish Gas Board

The Sheffield Telegraph & Star Limited

The Staveley Coal & Iron Co. Ltd.

The Times Publishing Company Ltd.

The Torquay & Paignton Gas Company

The Union of London & Smiths Bank Limited

The Wandsworth and District Gas Company

The White House

Thomas Borthwick & Sons Ltd.

Thomas Moy Limited

Thos Clarkson & Co

Thos. De La Rue & Co. Ltd.

Thos. Lea & Co.

Tod Brothers

Tom Smith & Co

Toomers Limited

Trapnell & Gane

Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co.

Truninger & Co.

Trustees of S. P. C. K.  (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)

Tubbs, Hiscocks & Co.

Tubbs, Lewis & Co.

Tuck & Co. Limited

Turners Asbestos Cement Co. / Turner Brothers Asbestos Co. Ltd.

Twck. & Tedd. Elec. Supply Co. Ltd.


U. D. (London) Ld.  (United Dairies Limited)

U. S. M. Ltd. Birmingham

Union Assurance Company

Union Assurance Society Ltd.

Union Glue and Gelatine Co. Ltd.

Unique Table Pad Co. Ltd.

United Biscuits Ltd.

United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution

Unwin Bros.

Ushers Wiltshire Brewery Ltd.


V S & Co. Ld. / Vyse Sons & Co.

V. O. Co Ltd. / V. O. (1935) Ld.  (Vacuum Oil Co. Ltd.)

Vactric Limited

Vi-Cocoa Ltd.

Vick, Ashworth & Co.

Virgoe, Middleton & Co


W & A Gilbey

W & T. Devas & Routledge

W B Co Ld  (The Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co. Ltd.)

W F O  (Westminster Fire Office)

W J Davies & Sons

W K S  (William Kingham & Sons)

W. & C. Pantin

W. & D. Harvest

W. & G. Brown Derby

W. A. Rose & Co.

W. Buckmaster & Co.

W. C. Jay & Co.

W. Canning & Co. Ltd

W. D. & H. O. Wills

W. Dalrymple & Co.

W. Dawbarn & Co.  Liverpool

W. G. & Co.  (W. Greenwell & Co.)

W. G. Clarke & Sons

W. H. & F. J. Horniman & Co. Ltd.

W. H. Collingridge

W. H. Smith & Son

W. J. Barron & Sons

W. J. Bush & Co. Ltd.

W. J. Rogers Ltd.

W. Jelks & Sons Ltd.

W. N. Froy & Sons Ltd.

W.-O. Ltd.  (Waygood-Otis Limited)

W. Singleton Birch & Sons Limited

W. Tarn & Co.

W. Williams & Son

Waifs & Strays

Walker & Dalrymple

Walpamur Co. Ltd.

Walter Blom & Son Ltd.

Walter Thornhill

Ward, Sturt & Sharp

Waterlow & Sons Limited

Waters & Son

Watford Mfg. Co. Ld.

Waukenphast Limited

Webb & Sons

Welch & Sons

Welch, Margetson & Co.

West Ham Gas Co.

Westminster Bank Limited (Foreign Branch. / FBO / O’SEAS)

White Star Line

Whitehaven Coal Agency

Whitehead Bros. (Manchester) Ltd.

Wilkie & Soames

Wilkinson & Kidd

William Crawford & Sons Limited

William Owen

William Walker & Sons Limited

William Whiteley

Willows & Co. Ld. / Willows Francis Ld.

Wilson & Matheson

Wm. Cory & Son Ltd.

Wm. S. Burton

Wm. Smee & Sons

Woodford Bourne & Co.

Woodhams & Levy

Woolland Bros.

Woolley, Sanders & Co. Ltd.

Wrexham & E. D. Water Company

Wright and Butler

Wright Bros. Ltd. Richmond

Wright, Layman & Umney


Y. E. B. / Yorkshire Electricity Board

Yeoman Credit

Young & Co’s Brewery Limited

Young and Marten Limited

Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs, Ltd.