Paul Walser & Co. Ltd.

Paul Walser & Co. Ltd.

Paul Walser & Co. Ltd. was a well-known hat manufacturer in London and Luton from 1906 until 2009.

The company began as a straw plait and braid business and became one of the main suppliers of fur felts and straws to high-end milliners. The firm had a hat factory in Luton and a popular shop at 13 Great Marlborough Street in London.

Historically Luton and the surrounding area was the centre of the straw hat trade in England, producing a large share of all the womens’ hats manufactured and worn in the country.

Paul Walser & Co. Ltd. is best known for its hats produced in the 1930s and 1940s under the “Reslaw” brand name – Reslaw is Walser spelled backwards.