Pfeil, Stedall & Son / Stedall & Company

Pfeil, Stedall & Son / Stedall & Company

Pfeil, Stedal & Son was established in St. Johns Gate, London in 1756 as a wholesaler of horse-drawn carriage fittings and later fittings for motor cars.

The company was originally Parkes & Co. until 1806, but one of the Parkes family was hanged for forgery and the business was acquired by the Pfeil family, who changed the name to Pfeil & Co.

In c.1851 Robert Stedall joined the firm as a partner with Frederick Pfeil and the company became Pfeil & Stedall. The firm prospered and in 1867 Robert Stedall’s son Henry joined the business which took the name Pfeil, Stedall & Son.

In 1914 anti-German feelings were running high in Britain. Pfeil was a German sounding name and it caused bricks to be thrown through the windows of the company offices in Clerkenwell, London. The Pfeils and the Stedalls quarrelled. The result was that the Stedalls bought out the Pfeills holding in the company, which now became Stedall & Co.

Stedall & Co. was acquired by Pillar Holdings Ltd. in 1961. Pillar was acquired by RTZ in 1970. The company is now part of of the Dutch Hagemeyer Group and is called Stedall Vehicle Fittings Ltd., based in Bristol.