Potter & Moore Limited

Potter & Moore Limited

In 1749, Ephraim Potter and William Moore, two physic gardeners who specialised in the cultivation of lavender, founded the first ever English toiletries company in Mitcham.

Mitcham is now a suburb of London but at that time it was an idyllic country village and the company set up a distillery in Eveline Road to extract lavender oil. During the 16th century the growing and distilling of lavender was a very important industry that continued for many years. The area around Mitcham was particularly well known for lavender and in its heyday during the 19th century, the area would have been an abundant sea of blue flowers as lavender fragrance was made extremely popular by Queen Victoria.

Potter and Moore took their knowledge and expertise in working with natural ingredients and applied it to creating fine bath, body and beauty products.

The company prospered and a new factory was established in 1937. At this time Potter & Moore Ltd. were listed as manufacturers of Mitcham Lavender Water, various toilet requisites, eau de cologne, ecstacy perfume, face powder, lipsticks, bath crystals and smelling salts.

Today the company is part of Creightons plc and Potter & Moore now produce a wide range of health and beauty products from their factory in Werrington, Cambridgeshire.