Prudential Assurance Company Limited

Prudential Assurance Company Limited

The Prudential was a prolific user of commercial overprints throughout its history and Prudential overprints are the most common private company overprints to be found. Even some stamps not normally seen overprinted can be found with Prudential overprints, such as SG 194, SG 386, and the 6d Inland Revenue stamp.

The company was founded on 30th May 1848 in Hatton Garden in London as The Prudential Mutual Assurance Investment and Loan Association. It provided loans to professional and working people.

In 1854 the company began selling the relatively new concept of industrial branch insurance policies to the working class population for premiums as low as one penny, through agents acting as door to door salesmen. The army of premium collection agents was for many years identified with the Prudential as the “ Man from the Pru.”

The Prudential moved to its traditional home at Holborn Bars in 1879 and converted to limited company in 1881.

Today, Prudetial plc is a global financial services company with its headquarters in London. Its largest division is Prudential Corporation Asia, which has over 15 million customers in 13 Asian countries. Its Prudential UK division has around 7 million customers and is one of the largest life insurance companies in the UK.