Radiation Group Sales Ltd.

Radiation Group Sales Ltd.

R. G. S. Ltd. was a manufacturer of gas appliances formed in 1919 in Birmingham following the amalgamation of John Wright & Co. Ltd., The Richmond Gas & Meter Co. and Davis Gas Stove Co.

In 1923 Regulo thermostats were first fitted by Radiation as standard to its gas ovens. At this time the company was manufacturing gas cookers, water heaters, gas radiators, gas operated hot water apparatus, and large cooking apparatus for hotels and boarding houses.

By the late 1940s, the company was offering a number of solid fuel appliances such as the Siesta stove, the Yorkdale range, and the Sutton coke grate, and had developed a cooking range for railway use that could use locomotive fuel.

In 1958 Radiation acquired Jackson Electric Stove Co. and the company’s factory in Luton was given over to electric appliances. A year later Parnall Ltd. was acquired, which broadened the range of domestic appliances, especially washing machines and gas water heaters. By the early 1960s the Radiation Group were also producing light engineering products, light alloy castings and specialised products in vitreous enamels.

In 1967 R.G.S. Ltd. was taken over by Tube Investments which became T I Group plc in 1982. In 2000 T I Group merged with Smith Industries to become Smiths Group.