Speirs & Knox / Speirs, Parnie & Adam

Speirs & Knox / Speirs, Parnie & Adam

Arthur Speirs and a Mr. Knox set up a property business in Glasgow’s east end in c.1888.

Speirs & Knox grew rapidly as the city of Glasgow expanded, and the firm was closely involved in the surge of office construction in the 1930s, particularly in the management of city-centre properties. By the end of the decade Speirs & Knox had become one of the largest property management concerns in Scotland.

In 1967 Speirs & Knox merged with another Glasgow property company called Turnbull, Parnie & Adam, and the new grouping became styled Speirs, Parnie & Adam. The company acted as surveyors, valuers and housing managers.

In 1989 the business merged with another property company, Gumley & Co. of Edinburgh, to become Speirs Gumley.