Spencer, Turner & Boldero Limited

Spencer, Turner & Boldero Limited

In 1855, three independent master linen drapers named William Spencer, Henry Turner and William Boldero, joined forces to create a large retail and wholesale drapery business. The new company was called Spencer, Turner & Boldero and was based at 70 Lisson Grove, London.

The firm expanded rapidly and flourished as retail drapers. However, the drapery business started to decline towards the latter part of the 19th century and to compensate for the loss in trade, Spencer, Turner & Boldero diversified to become wholesale traders in a wide variety of products.

In 1894 the company was described as “textile and general warehousemen, drapers, outfitters, carpet and furniture dealers”, with over 7,000 customer accounts and 800 employees.

During the Second World War, the warehouse of Spencer, Turner & Boldero at Ashbridge Street, suffered bomb damage and was subsequently demolished.

The company is last recorded in 1969.